Work with Me

Let me guide you with step-by-step proven frameworks and programs to alchemize your financial independence, well-being and personal fulfillment.

Private 1:1 Retreat

My Wealthy Life Retreat

A private personalized retreat experience including a 90-Day+ coaching package to heal emotionally, strengthen your money mindset, build your financial acumen, and truly live your wealthy life.

Group Retreat

“Dear Money, Let’s Talk”™

This foundational 2-day power pause is a guided self-conversation for a life-changing reset in your relationship with money, worth, and value.

Money Therapy

Re-Money Program

A private guided therapeutic framework for processing and healing family money dynamics, knowing how to take charge of your financial life, upgrading your interpersonal currency, and crafting a fresh narrative with money that establishes harmony and joy in your life and with wealth.

Group Facilitation


Team Retreat Facilitation

A transformative team retreat experience that advances self-understanding, team bonding and interaction, and business growth, creating a happy, healthy team of individuals clear and focused on business success.

Group Training - Continuing Education for Professionals

Professional training courses for continuing education credits for attorneys and professionals in the financial industry.

Family Wealth Facilitation & Communication

Transform unhealthy family dynamics and ensure financial harmony through healthy relating and communicating.



LivWeal Institute

For Challenges, Freebies, and Community come play with me over at LivWeal