See how others transformed their pain into something beautiful

Sholeh Shahinfar

CEO and Speech Pathologist

Kim Davey

Entrepreneur & Real Estate

Lily Mockerman

CEO and Entrepreneur

Kathy Goughenour

CEO and Entrepreneur

Jessica Carter

CEO and Entrepreneur

Tyler Lowe

Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Return on Ideas, USA

Lourdes Paredes

Entrepreneur & Yoga Teacher

Mary Sabo

Entrepreneur and Life Coach

Sheena Repath

Entrepreneur and Co-founder

Sheila Allen

Health Food Store Owner (now retired)

Tash Butler

Marketing Consultant + CEO of Boost Marketing Services, Australia

Theresa Laurico

Producer & Entrepreneur

Phillip Anthony Gornail

Producer & Director

Cherry Rose Tan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, For Founders by Founder

Ella Nemcova

Creative Entrepreneur & Chef, USA

Tero Isokauppila

Founder & CEO Four Sigmatic, Finland

Collin Matthews

CEO Press Foundry, USA

Dr. Lindsey Mitchell

Performance Psychologist _ Founder of the Pave Group, USA

Keka Dasgupta

Founder and CEO of The Art of Life-ing

Ian Kelleher

CEO + Entrepreneur

Rebecca Devaney


Elayne Fluker

Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur

Chelsea Briganti

Creative Entrepreneur & Chef, USA