The Essence of LWF and

Our Work

The LivWeal Foundation exists to research the nature, costs, and consequences of emotional poverty. We aim to fill the gaps and deficiencies of traditional approaches to socio-economic issues by identifying the social, psychological, and spiritual roots of wealth and working to propagate proven solutions that bridge the gap between self-actualization and prosperity.
We envision a future of widespread prosperity, abundance, and harmony built out of a society of fulfilled and well-adjusted individuals. In that vein, our work falls into three major categories:

Measuring emotional poverty and its consequences.

Emotional poverty is simultaneously the issue of our time and something almost entirely unknown to the authorities and institutions of the world. Its costs run in the billions, and its consequences are dire. And too often, it is dismissed as being a pseudoscientific derivative of pop-psychology or new-age mysticism. The truth is that emotional poverty is a real and scientifically-validated issue, and the institutions that are first to recognize this will play an instrumental role in shaping the course of the 21st century and beyond.

We elaborate and illustrate the scientific basis of emotional poverty through a variety of research projects.


“A caterpillar must know butterflies.”

Many who struggle cannot conceive of a life freed from their particular constraints and challenges. An inability to conceive of an ideal version of their lives stultifies them into lives of emotional deprivation and wasted economic opportunities.

By communicating vivid options and opportunities through engaging storytelling and content, we help restore a sense of motivation and possibility for those who so desperately need it.


So many experience a great need for change but lack the guidance and support necessary for legitimate transformation. Traditional approaches to psychology, finance, and self-help lack either the scope, systematization, or integration to holistically address the emotional roots of economic suffering.

We focus on providing the guidance and “activation energy” needed for people to initiate paths of self-actualization and self-improvement.

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