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Who I Am

Applying the diligence of science, the intelligence of intuition, and the wisdom of nature to create real wealth and deep satisfaction.

Hey there! I’m Jennifer Love and I’m a Money Therapist and Wealth Alchemist specializing in supporting impact-focused professionals and business owners (their teams and loved ones) to live their wealthy lives. I educate on wealth as it relates wholistically to personal well-being, business, and relationships.

Qualified in Organizational & Human Behavior, Economics, Communication and Conflict Resolution, I’m a career long entrepreneur who has built 5 businesses from the ground up. Over the past 20+ years I have helped hundreds of leaders do the same. I know what it takes to build a sustainable business and know, witness, and continue to learn what it takes to build a sustainable human.

Rooted in all I have seen and experienced in my life, I feel a deep calling to offer safe experiential learning environments for wholistic financial, business, and inner growth - thus I founded LivWeal Institute®.

My passion is in helping to replace overwhelm, stress, and anxiety in the dollars and cents equation with a wholistic, regenerative, and joyful experience in our relationship with money. Metamorphosis and patterns in nature inform my unique and science infused methodology.

Focus Areas:

  • Money mindset and confidence
  • Profitable sustainable business growth
  • Financial decision-making aligned to values
  • Navigating challenges and opportunities that come with financial success
  • Calibrating lifestyle changes and work-life balance
  • Facilitation of financial and money discussions (i.e. inheritance, intergenerational communication, and wealth transfers)
  • Legacy planning (including sibling rivalry)
  • Good Life Number clarity
  • Ending debt cycles
  • Managing financial stress and anxiety


“I’ve gained a deeper understanding of myself and in just a few short days shed and released so much that was so necessary for my growth and the growth of my business. The deep understanding that it all starts with me.  I’ve gained more confidence to be a better person, a better business owner, a better friend, a better listener, a better therapist. Realizing that just being me is ENOUGH is a golden ticket that I needed. Doing this work with Jennifer is being in the safest hands. The transformational shift you do as a human being, as a soul…in this work…100% jump that fence, bring your friends with you, bring your family with you, it’s life changing. This is a gift and everyone should experience it.”


Sholeh Shahinfar

Entrepreneur & Speech Therapist

“As I’ve learned, which I really didn’t know previously, is that who I am is the biggest differentiator and determines where my business goes. So it’s never about the business, it’s about the person running the business. To do the self-work first, is the most important part because once that’s sorted…’who we are being is what we are going to be receiving’. This was the deepest dive into the depths of my soul. The moneywork surprised me because there were things at play that I didn’t even have in my consciousness.”


Kim Davey

Entrepreneur & Real-Estate Investor

Max Goldberg

Founder of Organic Insider

“…grace, dignity, and empathy for others takes a special kind of person. This is exactly who Jennifer is and the qualities that she embodies. She is a star.”

Chelsea Briganti

CEO Loliware

“With Jennifer, the only possible outcome is success!”

Tyler Gage

Co-Founder of Runa Tea

“JLove is a rockstar. Her charisma and passion, mixed with her extensive knowledge and experience, make her a one-of-a-kind leader and coach.”

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With a storied background in founding, building, developing, and investing in unique and diverse companies, I focus on products that are good for us and the world.

In addition to LivWeal Institute®, my business portfolio includes:

Loliware, a company advancing a new category of materials designed to lead the world toward a plastics-free future.

NibMor, a wholesale chocolate company featuring shareable, snackable, guilt-free chocolates that are certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free.


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