Jennifer Love

Nationally- Acclaimed Advisor.
International Business Strategist.


Jennifer Love founded the One More Woman movement leading high-impact women entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses beyond a million each year AND revolutionizing the way business is done.


As the CEO – she helps entrepreneurs take the stress out of the money equation so they can effectively raise, make, manage, and give money.

She is a nationally-acclaimed mentor, international business strategist, speaker, and successful leader who has guided thousands of entrepreneurs to position their businesses for long-term, sustainable growth.

Jennifer ignites and charges the GPS system of every entrepreneur by showing them how to believe in themselves and by giving them the tools, support, and advice they need to get out there and make it happenThat makes all the difference – and is what truly sets her apart.

A Serial Entrepreneur…

Jennifer combines 17+ years’ experience building and working with consumer (CPG) brands. Collectively, she has raised, participated in, or advised in the raising of over $100+ million for her and her clients’ ventures.

Under Jennifer’s leadership as a co-founder and former CEO, NibMor went from a kitchen concept to an award-winning wholesale chocolate company, with its products distributed in thousands of locations within five years. NibMor’s impressive growth was acknowledged by The Wall Street Journal and found its way onto two of Oprah’s famed lists, among many others.

Jennifer’s ‘Sweet Success’ was featured on the cover of Small Business Digest in July 2014. In 2015, Jennifer helped one of the brands she advises get funded on Shark Tank, successfully closing out a $1.1M funding round.

On stage…

Jennifer is a motivating force with an uncanny ability to simplify complicated concepts with her own unique brand of pizazz and sense of humor. Audiences walk away empowered with a newfound enthusiasm and willingness to go beyond what they had ever thought possible.

People often describe Jennifer as brilliant, charismatic, passionate, articulate, resilient, and resourceful. She prides herself on delivering respectful, honest, and direct communication – mixed in with a little spunk!

She is beloved by clients because she gets results. As one client once said, “With Jennifer, the only possible outcome is success.”

Yes! Jennifer Love is the voice I’ve been waiting to hear. She balances her dynamic masculine side with her compassionate feminine side with grace and humor, she had me both laughing and crying during her time on stage. Her message and story are so powerful and brings about a shift in perception of what’s possible if we change the ways we relate to money.


I feel more hopeful and inspired after listening to Jennifer and I have a new understanding of where I need to get to work in my own life! She captivated the audience who lined up after the event to get a piece of her wisdom in person. I am thrilled I invited her to speak and look forward to having her come back for future events. Thank you Jennifer Love!

Karna Liv Nau

Sustainable Business Coach & Co-host , The Next Leaders Podcast

Jennifer’s commitment to women and their personal and professional growth is staggering. She’s unstoppable. She brilliantly orchestrates research and combines that with actionable takeaways that are easy to implement immediately. If you want to be where the action is, join Jennifer.

Amanda Steinberg

Founder & CEO, Daily Worth | Worth FM

I was fortunate to sit in an audience of 500+ people to hear Jennifer speak. I was blown away by her energy and stage presence. It captivated everyone in the room and enhanced her already very powerful message. To top it off, she genuinely cares for people and you definitely feel that when you hear her speak.
Graham Young

Disruptive Performance Coach & Speaker