“If you examine any successful entrepreneur they typically have one thing in common: a mentor. Nearly every successful person in history had someone who they could confide in and learn from. Jennifer offers entrepreneurs valuable insights as a business advisor and the resources at the Entrepreneurist are a true asset.”


“Jennifer brings a proven track record of success, an incredible network, and creative business savvy to her clients. And more importantly, Jennifer brings her whole heart to every project she works on. I can’t imagine launching a business without a smart, connected advisor like Jennifer. And I can’t imagine doing it without Love.”


“Jennifer is a force of nature. Jennifer’s expertise in marketing, understanding her customers, and being a step ahead in terms of where the industry is going is nothing short of remarkable. She’s also approachable, down-to-earth, and generous with her time and expertise.”

Victoria Moran
Author, Keynote Speaker, On Air Personality, Corporate Spokesperson, Director Main Street Vegan Academy

“Jennifer Love is a positive force optimizing the ratio for women entrepreneurs, devoted to helping them succeed and scale.”

Claudia Chan
Founder, SHE Globl Media & SHE Summit

“Jennifer is a truly unique individual – highly intelligent, innovative, and kind with fearless passion. Her dedication to helping others has led to her numerous successes. She is profoundly valuable to any business!”

Michelle King Robson
Founder, EmpowHER

“Navigated by Jennifer Love, The Entrepreneurist provides deep insights to assist our emerging brands in launching and growing their businesses. Jennifer Love is a dynamic thought-leader, experienced entrepreneur, and expert business strategist, and we are very pleased to share her valuable insights with our audience.”

Diana Mercer
Community Manager, NEXT Natural Products Accelerator / New Hope Natural Media

“JLove is a rockstar. Her charisma and passion, mixed with her extensive knowledge and experience, make her a one of a kind leader, coach and team member.”

Tyler Gage
President, Runa

“Jennifer Love is without a doubt one of the most impressive human beings in the Food & Beverage Industry. She has developed an incredible reputation as a brand builder, business operator and most importantly an inspirational and motivational leader. Jennifer Love has such valuable experience and her willingness to help emerging entrepreneurs is contagious. In my opinion, Jennifer Love would add value to many companies looking to build their brands on a National Level. “Best in Class” is the most accurate way to describe Jennifer Love!”

Josh Wand
Founder & Motivator in Chief, BevForce & FoodForce

“Alliance and Alliance Natural have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer. She is a believer of the possibilities and has personally proven to our team that she always “finds a way.” Your first impression is that she is articulate, passionate and well thought out. All this is true, but perhaps more than anything, she is resilient and resourceful. She is simply proven.”

Scott Andersen
CEO, Alliance Sales & Marketing

“To build a multi-million dollar company from scratch takes incredible competence. But to be able to do this with grace, dignity, and empathy for others takes a special kind of person. This is exactly who Jennifer is and the qualities that she embodies. She is a star.”

Max Goldberg
Founder, Living Maxwell and Pressed Organic Juice Directory

“Jennifer brings an impossibly rare combo to this industry- she’s shrewd and thoughtful, with a clear, intelligent eye for what works and what doesn’t. But she’s also effortlessly optimistic and encouraging. Her mix of keen analysis and upbeat perspective is all too rare. And utterly welcome.”

Ian Kelleher
Director of Sales, Peeled Snacks

“Thank you for sharing your amazing energy and insights. You are a force, a gift, and a joy. Your training is exactly what I needed.”

Ella Nemcova
Founder, Regal Vegan

“I have spent most of my professional career facilitating the start-up and expansion of high-value ventures. Having reviewed plans for thousands of unique business opportunities seeking investment, I have learned one thing is for certain: You bet on the people, not the plan. Intriguing business plans are easy to come by, but a truly driven entrepreneur is what ultimately makes a new idea or approach a successful venture. Jennifer is the classic definition of the serial entrepreneur. She is one of the brightest, most energetic and focused individuals I have ever known.”

Lewis C. Attardo
Principal, Attardo Associates

“Jennifer is a great advisor who leads by example. Her personal experience combined with her continuous diligence to deeply understand the business environment gives fellow entrepreneurs and leader’s priceless insights. She is a quality person and it comes across in your first meeting with her.”

Michael J. O’Donnell
Director of Sales, Mountain Valley Spring Water Company

“Jennifer’s commitment to entrepreneurs extends beyond your average mentor. With trusted industry experience and a guiding hand, clients may be assured that success is upon them.”

Kimberly Crupi Dobbins
Founder + Chief Square, Simple Squares; Director of Sales, Mountain Valley Spring Water Company

“Simply put, Jennifer is the smartest and nicest person I know. She is an incredibly talented business person and is always so much fun to be and work with. I feel lucky to know her.”

Jared Koch
Founder, Clean Plates ( Author , The Clean Plates Cookbook

“I love the passion Jennifer has for helping brands. She has a brilliant mind and does an amazing job of communicating with entrepreneurs of all levels. Jennifer also makes learning fun while simplifying sometimes complicated information. She has a real desire to make a positive impact and help entrepreneurs succeed in a hyper-competitive industry. Jennifer has a tremendous amount of knowledge, skill, and passion for what she does and is a proven leader in the industry.”

Dan Lohman
CPG Industry Strategic Advisor | Category Management & Natural Products Expert | Speaker | Author

“Within 3 months of working with Jennifer our company has reduced COGs by more than 50% and the tools she brought has saved the company nearly $20k. JLove’s Business Boot Camp (2 day intensive 1-on-1 work) helped us dissect our current business and got us geared up for growth!!!!”

Casey Webber
CEO, Heavenly Hunks

“It’s difficult to put into words how much we love working with Jennifer Love. Imagine the ultimate business guide, strategizing your business with you, helping you reach your goals, making sure all components are alined so that the only way to go is up. With Jennifer, the only possible outcome is success. She will be incredibly committed to your vision, while helping you evolve along the way. She’s a business guru, turned loyal strategist and friend and LOLIWARE is so thankful to have her on our team.”

Chelsea Briganti
Co-CEO, Loliware

“Jennifer has been a great help to our team. She is very responsive and has good insights. The world needs more female entrepreneurs like her.”

Tero Isokauppila
President, Four Sigma Foods

“What Jennifer has accomplished in such a short amount of time is truly inspiring. Her perspective as a mentor and fellow female entrepreneur has been extremely valuable to Kolat. She has managed to embrace her femininity while rising to the top, her presence alone is truly empowering.”

Jessica Weiswasser
Founder, Kolat

“I am endlessly grateful for everything I learned. Jennifer is so extraordinarily amazing for devoting herself to helping sales rookies like me navigate this crazy business world. Her training gave me a boost like I never thought possible… I feel revamped and ready to take on all of my A, B, and C’s and it is all thanks to Jennifer. Thank you again for the best training I have ever attended.”

Jessica Assaf
SW Basics, Sales

“I felt so inspired, learned a ton and made some great contacts. Jennifer has great insights and her training is a wonderful environment to be saturated in!!! I got a LOT out of it!”

Melissa Daniels
LYFT Clean Caffeine

“From the start, Jennifer Love has been a tremendous support to me and to my digital media business. Her delicate yet deliberate way of encouraging and educating entrepreneurs is especially unique, and a value you don’t often find in those who aspire to share knowledge about their own entrepreneurial experiences. I appreciate most how authentic Jennifer is and how dedicated she remains to helping her fellow femepreneurs achieve their dreams. Truly inspiring.”

Elayne Fluker
Founder and CEO, ChicRebellion.TV