When athletes begin serious training, one of the first things they do is focus on their particular strengths and how to capitalize on them for both individual and team victories. The same is true for entrepreneurs and business owners. When you identify and learn to utilize your individual strengths, you can then build and empower your team so that specific gifts and talents complement each other and work together to reach the gold medal level of success.

Step into Your Strengths

In February I started working with two talented women entrepreneurs who run a fantastic adult sleep-away camp called Soul Camp. If you don’t know them, you should! They’ve got an awesome upcoming camp in August and only a few openings left. I’ll be there.

Upon the start of our project, they were contacted by Google to investigate incubating their business. AMAZING!!!

We immediately went into fundraising mode and developed a sound strategy that made sense. The cost to be incubated by Google comes with a high ad spend requirement. Of course these two not only sealed the deal with Google but they impressively put together the dollars to make it happen in under 60 days. Got to love strategic doers – their core strength!!!

When I engage with a new company as an advisor, I like to start by utilizing the power of The StrengthsFinder® assessment. Based on their strengths, these two entrepreneurs had both the ability to manage operations and lead their teams. We identified the gaps they needed to fill in, we’ve begun plugging in additional key team players, and they are owning the role of CEO.

Claiming your strengths matters! Stepping into your role and title of CEO matters! It’s like putting on a crown versus a baseball hat; or the difference between being in your pajamas and putting on a beautiful new dress. Each one feels very, very different and that affects how you present yourself and how you take action.

Understand and Value People’s Differences

Lisa Ferguson, founder of 1000 Watt Life, helps people design their lives around their unique mosaic of natural strengths, passions, and purpose. In a recent conversation with Lisa she shared her insights on the power and value of living in your strengths. Lisa warns, “Be mindful of the things that irritate you about others. Perhaps those things, in fact, may be their natural strengths, and just what you need for more fun and ease, and to gain 10x or more of your profit.” Yes, she said FUN. I’d like more fun in my life, wouldn’t you? Ok, yes, more profit too, please.

Empowering your team means valuing each member’s unique strengths. By allowing each person to fully step into their strengths and do what they do well, you are setting the stage for a highly effective team.

If someone’s strength is Positivity, it is important to understand that that person is not just a Pollyanna. They get what’s happening but they choose to stay positive regardless. On the other hand, if someone’s strength is Strategic, you may think they’re just being negative. In reality, it’s not that they’re negative; they just understand all the potentially bad things that can happen and want to prevent it.

According to Lisa, a major key to scaling your business is investing in and honing your strengths. She shared this, “The University of Nebraska did a case study that showed performance of more than 32X when comparing efforts of the naturally talented who have invested in developing their strengths to those not naturally talented. Building teams with everyone in there 32X is one of the greatest ways to scale, exponentially.”

Know That This Matters

Andrea Shillington, CEO of Brands for the Heart, is my abundance partner, and it’s our diverse individual strengths that make us great partners. Without her unique insights and talents our new business, One More Woman, launching in a few weeks wouldn’t be where it is today.

Partners (or team members) with all the same gifts can be a detriment rather than an asset. Yes, you have to share the same vision, have the same heart-centered approach, and the same values. Yet you need different strengths or you’re both just trying to do the same thing, work from the same angle, and you wind up with gaping voids that slow down your growth.

As you step into your individual strengths and grow your teams, remember this: the research proves that teams whose skills complement each other, who’ve invested in developing their unique strengths, and who are empowered to work within their talents generate exponential growth and success together.

Image courtesy of franky242 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net