If you’re looking to amplify your business and heighten revenue, you have to be willing to enter uncharted territory, creatively combining the best of online and offline techniques. Here are six proven strategies that you should master in order to see winning results.


One of the greatest skills of successful entrepreneurs is learning how to leverage every aspect of their business to get the most out of it for the least amount of time and expense.

A great example of this is engaging external broker teams to act as your sales force. This allows you to leverage the brokers’ long-standing relationships with retail buyers without the heavy burden of personnel costs. While this strategy is not for all brands and products, it’s a good example of leveraging where you are with what you’ve got.

2) NETWORKING…In the Spirit of Giving

Building and growing relationships with suppliers, buyers, industry players, investors, friends, and the like can take you much further than you might initially think.

They say it’s all who you know, and in turn, you never know who those in your network may know. And if you approach all relationships with a spirit of giving, you’ll find that people are willing to help you when you need it. In fact, by growing these relationships, not only will you have fun, but you’ll stay at the forefront of their minds, which is exactly where you need to be!


People buy from people they like. Again: People buy from people they like! One way for them to like you is through your passion and story. What is your story? Give them a “window of entry” into who you are and what you care about. Show them why you throw your energy and love into your brand and product. Let your personality shine through and don’t be afraid to be authentic. Important caveat here >> be clear about your how you message your story. Think of the classic elevator pitch, only delivered with a ton of enthusiasm!


Successful entrepreneurs grow sales because they understand what their consumer wants. Engage your consumers and ask for feedback. Through focus groups and/or social media, you can gain a lot of information about what flavor, style, size, color, and other details your consumer wants. Additionally, by asking them, you will also gain their business and loyalty.


Show your consumers that you care! True success comes from genuine interest in those who purchase from you, not to mention those you purchase from (i.e. suppliers). A newsletter, quick note/email, or phone call goes a long way.


Gratitude may be one of the greatest tools of a successful entrepreneur. When you are authentically grateful, it shines through, it’s magnetic, and it draws people to you. Exhibiting gratitude by showing appreciation makes people feel good being around you. When people feel good around you, they want to come back for more.

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